From Episode 590 of Our Weekly Photography Talk Show, The Grid

Join Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna in this eye-opening discussion about the rise of computational photography and the integration of ND filters into both cameras and smartphones. Discover how brands like OM Systems and Samsung are pushing boundaries with built-in ND gradient filters, and explore why these innovations matter for photographers. From debates over Apple’s offerings to the practicalities of using ND filters in post-processing, this video dives deep into the evolving landscape of photography tools and techniques.

Head over to our YouTube channel to view the full episode. In this “Open Q&A” episode, Scott Kelby, Erik Kuna, and their special guest Dave Clayton talk about the latest releases and developments in terms of software and discussions on cameras and editing tools. Clayton also gives hints about his upcoming KelbyOne class on typography, which aims to enhance the use of text in photography. The episode rounds up with a freewheeling Q&A session about photography, design, and more.