From Episode 587 of Our Weekly Photography Talk Show, The Grid

Ready to take your photography game to the next level with media accreditation? In this video featuring Erik Kuna, discover the essential steps to earning accreditation for media events like sports games and aerospace launches. Learn from Erik’s personal journey and gain valuable insights into why having a solid portfolio is crucial for securing accreditation. Whether you’re aiming to shoot for NASA or cover local sports events, this video offers practical advice to help you kickstart your journey towards media recognition in photography.

Catch the full episode on YouTube: “How to Get Access to Photograph Where the Public Can’t.” Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna share their insights on how to gain exclusive access to photograph places where the public can’t. They recount their own experience of successfully getting permission through media accreditation. But they also disclose less conventional – but still legal ways – to open every door and further your photography as a career or a hustle.