In the world of outdoor photography, there are so many techniques that you can apply to ramp up your images. Our instructors share their favorite ways to take your outdoor images from flat and boring to lively and wow-worthy!

Creating Stunning Outdoor Photographs with These 5 Tips

TIP 1: Apply Long Exposure Techniques to Starry Night Skies

Bodies of running water and sky features like the Aurora Borealis have more in common than you think. Check out the video above for Dave Williams’ technique on shooting the night sky.

TIP 2: When You’re Shooting at a Botanical Garden, Don’t Forget Those Identification Tags

Jackie Kramer shares one way to keep track of the species of foliage you’re shooting in this quick video tutorial.

TIP 3: Consider the Background in Your Image Exposure

When you’re shooting a subject in snow, how should you adjust your exposure? Find out in this quick tip from Moose Peterson!

TIP 4: Adjust Your Exposure Compensation

Rick Sammon reveals a quick photo trick on exposure compensation! You’ll want to increase or decrease your exposure value in-camera based on these elements.

TIP 5: Five Photo Tips (Bonus!)

Lightning round! This last tip actually has 5 ways to improve your pictures in any other outdoor setting. Rick Sammon shares some of his expert knowledge in this 60-second video!

Try these outdoor photography tips on your photos for a noticeable difference in your images!

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Stop struggling with your outdoor photographs. Join us and learn the secrets to wow-worthy macro, adventure sports, Milky Way, underwater, wildlife, and landscape photography—just to mention a few!

What’s the best outdoor photography tip you’ve ever heard? Share it with us in the comments!